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Pokemon Mega becomes a Pokemon trainer, catch, train and upgrade all Pokemon. Pokemon can evolve and will gain new skills and greater fighting power.

Train your own Pokemon

Catch and train

To start the game, you need to choose one of the Pokemon that the game offers. Journey to conquer the Pokemon you have chosen. Use all your abilities to conquer it. And after successfully capturing it, proceed to train it to become stronger.


To evolve into another Pokemon form, it needs to meet the conditions from training. This evolution not only unlocks power but also adds new skills to your Pokemon.


Don't forget during your Pokemon training, use items obtained in the game to upgrade and strengthen your Pokemon. It can help make evolution simpler and easier to do.


Once you have reached a certain level of evolution, sufficient in health and technique, you can participate in PvP matches with other players or challenge at Gyms to receive rewards and titles.

Recruit many Pokemon

To become a good trainer, you need to challenge yourself with many different types of Pokemon. Own many types of Pokemon like Plants Vs. Zombies and learn about their different characteristics and capture them. Not only that, you also need to compete a lot to know your opponent's strength. Knowing more about your opponent can help you gain an advantage in battle. Compete more to bring achievements and titles. Successfully train them so you are the best Pokemon trainer.