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Pick Color Paint Fruits connects the corresponding color to the fruit color with a drawing line. Combine colors together to create many different colors.

Match the corresponding color to the fruit

The challenge is divided into two parts, the first part is an empty colored fruit, only the edges are painted, and the other part is a bucket of corresponding colored water. Your task is to bring water from the water tank to the fruit so that they are the same color. The color of the water tank must be the same color as the fruit rim. You need to connect two things together so that they don't overlap into another color. You can only get two or more different colors when there is a third or more fruit.

Pay attention to the color of the fruit's edges as you make the color match from the colored water tank to the fruit. Sometimes drawing needs to be independent, but it is also possible to overlap two colors to blend into another color corresponding to the third fruit. Match the correct color, you will complete the current challenge and move on to a more difficult challenge, which means the color matching is also more complicated.

Practice color combinations with this game

Basic colors such as yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple are basic colors. However, colors may change when there is a combination of two or more colors. This game not only helps you distinguish basic colors but also teaches you how to mix two or more colors. This helps you in cases where you don't have many base colors but can still create many different colors from color mixing.