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Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack joins Papa Louie and rescue his customers from an army of mutated food creatures. It's time for you to show off your strength.

It's a different journey from the versions of Papa Louie like Papa's Scooperia. In this game, your mission is different so you need to read a few things before.

Papa Louie's journey to rescue customers

Storyline of the game

The game begins with an ordinary day at Papa's Burgeria when suddenly, strange food monsters appear and kidnap Papa Louie and his customers. As the hero of the story, you set out on a quest to rescue them and put an end to the food apocalypse.

Rescue customers from the mutant plant army

Each level is populated with trapped customers who need to be rescued. To progress, you must find and release them while overcoming various challenges. Some customers may even join you on your adventure, providing unique abilities that can help you in your quest.

Defeat food enemies

The mutated food creatures, such as burgers, pizzas, and other tasty treats, act as enemies in the game. You'll encounter different types of food enemies with varying attack patterns and abilities. To defeat them, you can jump on their heads or use special attacks and power-ups.

Boss battles

At the end of each world, you'll encounter a challenging boss battle. These bosses are powerful and require strategic thinking and quick reflexes to defeat. Each boss has unique attack patterns and weaknesses that you need to exploit to emerge victorious.

How to control chef Papa Louie

You control the main character and navigate through a series of levels filled with obstacles, enemies, and hidden secrets. You'll jump across platforms, avoid hazards, and collect coins and power-ups along the way. Use the arrow keys to move the character in the direction you want.