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Murder is a dramatic fantasy experience where players immerse themselves in a plotting character who plans to assassinate the king to take the throne.

Assassinate the first king to become the next king. The throne is desired by many people, so when you become king you can still be assassinated. To prevent this, always be wary of subordinates following you.

How to control

Use the spacebar or mouse pointer to perform the work you need to do.

Contrast between the king and the king's assassin

The king's role in the Murder game is to maintain power and avoid assassination. The king must be alert and alert to detect and prevent assassination attempts from the player playing the role of the assassin. To survive, the king needs to take careful and well-timed actions. They must always keep themselves safe and deal with potential opponents. Part of the king's duty was to find a way to detect and lock the assassin in prison to ensure his safety and exercise his power.

On the contrary, the person who assassinates the king has the task of assassinating the current king and becoming the new king. To do this, the player needs to find a way to approach and kill the king secretly and without being detected. The assassin must find the king's weaknesses and take advantage of their mistakes to carry out the assassination. However, the assassin also faced the risk of being discovered and punished if discovered by the king. Therefore, players must be careful and cautious in every action to ensure safety and success in assassination.