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Monkey Mart is an exciting game that puts you in the role of a mischievous monkey running a bustling supermarket. A whimsical twist to the gameplay experience.

Monkey Mart: Operates a bustling supermarket

Take charge of managing a supermarket filled with all sorts of products, from fruits and vegetables to clothing and electronics. However, there's a catch, you're not just an ordinary store manager. You're a playful and adventurous monkey who loves creating chaos and having fun!

Operate supermarket business smoothly

Your mission is to keep the store running smoothly while indulging in mischievous activities. You can swing from the rafters, slide down aisles, and even launch yourself from trampolines scattered throughout the store. But remember, you also need to attend to your customers and make sure they find what they need. It's a delicate balance between causing silly mayhem and providing excellent customer service.

Expand supermarket scale

When you're in business long enough, you'll unlock new areas of the supermarket, encounter new challenges, and meet quirky characters, both human and animal. You can customize your monkey with different outfits and accessories to showcase your unique style. And if you're feeling mischievous, you can prank other characters or play hilarious tricks on unsuspecting customers.

Play offline: Monkey Mart's most outstanding feature

What few other online games can do is save game features and play in offline mode. The game will also save your business operations when you reopen the game.

The game brings a lighthearted and humorous take on the management simulation genre. It combines elements of strategy, exploration, and comedy to create an enjoyable and memorable gaming experience. So get ready to swing, slide, and shop your way through Monkey Mart and unleash your inner mischief-making monkey!