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Mahjong Dark Dimensions removes all the tiles by matching them into pairs. There should be at least two adjacent faces not blocked by another brick.

Remove the tiles from the cube

At the start of the game, a large cube is made up of many small bricks. You can rotate this cube to see different sides and find matching pairs of tiles. This requires quick observation and spatial reasoning ability to find suitable pairs quickly.

The game offers special tiles that give bonus time when paired. Taking advantage of these bricks can help you extend your playing time and achieve higher scores. Time is an important factor in Mahjong Dark Dimensions; You need to complete each level before time runs out to progress further in the game.

This game has many different levels for you to explore. Each level increases in difficulty, with a larger board and more complex tile arrangements. You will need flair and observation to find the matching pairs of tiles and complete each level successfully.

Unique point of this game

  • Vivid 3D background with mysterious pyramids.
  • Diverse mission system, challenging the player's intelligence.
  • The intriguing plot revolves around discovering ancient secrets.
  • Attractive music, creating an exciting sense of adventure.

How to play

To play, you simply left click to select a brick, then find similar bricks and left click again to remove them from the board. You can also use the AD keys or left/right arrow keys or drag the left mouse to rotate the cube and view different faces.