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Break the Buddy in this game

Kick the Buddy is a shooting idle game and your target is a puppet. Let's destroy this puppet to collect many coins and win this online game.

I'm sure that this game is suitable for stressed players. Destroying something can release your stress, so this game is released. The object you need to destroy is a puppet. This game puppet can't move by itself or attack you back. You need to click the same as in Capybara Clicker. This game is very easy and even children can play it. No skills or abilities are required in this game because this game is only for entertaining.

Get as many coins as you can in Kick the Buddy

Each time the puppet is attacked, you will get some coins. You pass a level after destroying the puppet. Of course, it takes more time to break the puppet at a later level.

More damage more coins

Clicking on the puppet is a way to attack the puppet. Otherwise, you can purchase some weapons in the shop. You only see the weapon after you unlock the locked block. The weapons attack automatically, so you just watch it.

Game control

You just need to click the left mouse button to play this game. It’s better to play this game in full-screen mode.