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Infinite Froggy controls the green frog to automatically jump up and land on logs. Be careful every step and eat watermelon to increase your accumulated points.

Specific gameplay

Unlike traditional jumping games, the frog in Infinite Froggy jumps automatically, leaving players with the task of controlling its movements using the mouse. The objective is to guide the frog to safely land on floating platforms made of wooden logs. Each successful jump increases your score, and you can collect valuable watermelon slices and other items to earn bonus points.

Eat watermelon

To increase your score, eating watermelon is necessary. There are not many watermelons, when you see them, eat them and don't miss any. This is your chance to score the highest score possible. Achieve the perfect score to compete with other opponents.

Challenges and obstacles

While jumping through space, players must be vigilant and avoid dangerous obstacles that can suddenly end their journey. The game features spinning spike blades that pose a significant threat to the frog's safety. One wrong move, and the adventure comes to a sudden halt. Additionally, cracked wooden bars add an extra layer of challenge, as they can break apart at any moment, testing players' reflexes and precision.

How to control a frog

Similar to the gameplay of Doodle Jump,The green frog will automatically jump up but cannot voluntarily land where there are logs. Move it with the mouse cursor to the place where the log or watermelon is.