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Helix Jump removes blocks with balls. Help the ball pass through the gaps between the blocks to reach the end. Beware of obstacles during the falling process.

Break blocks with balls

Go through the gaps

The ball bounces continuously on the block and it needs to be dropped on the final point of the block to complete the challenge. To help it fall, you need to rotate the block and find a gap for the ball to fall. The ball will be blocked immediately if blocked by a block, so you need to observe carefully and rotate the block continuously so that the ball can fall. The ball's speed will gradually increase if there are no obstacles as it falls. When it reaches a certain speed, it can break blocks without you having to rotate the block axis. This is a good benefit for the ball to help it complete the challenge faster, your points will also be added more when you complete the challenge faster.

Be careful with blocks of different colors

On the axis there are many blocks of the same color arranged randomly and each block may contain alternating blocks of different colors. It may or may not have different colored blocks in the shaft. However, you need to be careful with these blocks because they can injure the ball and stop the game. During the process of rotating the shaft to make the ball fall, observe and pay attention to this different colored block. Even if the ball reaches its highest speed causing the blocks to break, it cannot do that to blocks of different colors so pay attention to them.

Diversity of colors in graphics

Each time a challenge occurs, the color of the interface will be changed, the color of the blocks, balls, and spaces will be changed. Creates a new feeling for players as well as creating stimulation for players to experience the game. This is also the intention for which the game was created. You will enjoy and admire the variety of colors in this game as well as with Suika Game.