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Giddy Fruit is a fun and entertaining game that does not require too much technique to play. Simply select Yes or No in a single question to provide an answer.

Simple in choosing Yes or No

No need to use many techniques

For other games, it is necessary to use many techniques in parallel to move and perform tasks, but this game is completely simple, no need to use too many techniques to play. What you need to pay attention to is observing the previous and current fruits to see if they are the same or not. Choose Yes or No in a single question "Does the current fruit match the previous one?". If you answer correctly, you will be given one point. If you answer incorrectly, the game will end.

Focus on observation

In the game there are five different fruits that are arranged haphazardly. Your job is to observe whether the current fruit is similar to the previous fruit. If yes, select Yes, if not, select No. Sometimes the game will trick you when you are subjective and click the wrong button. You don't have to act too fast, but you also need to concentrate to choose the best answer. One correct guess gets one point, the more correct guesses the higher the score.

Benefits of the game

The benefits of this game help you focus on improving your observation ability. Distinguishing the same and different, after a lot of practice, your observation ability will be better as well as quicker to gain more points. Images of fruits with lovely faces are very attractive to players. Although it does not require much manipulation during gameplay, it still makes players unable to stop. In Merge Melons, it doesn't require too much gameplay but still attracts players because of its unique physics.