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Getaway Shootout takes on other opponents in fast and furious matches. Your goal is to successfully shoot down the enemy to become the only survivor.

Multiplayer battles in Getaway Shootout

The goal is to win different races or matches to be the last player standing. This is an agile fighting game where you will face off against other players and try to overcome challenges to win. Use your weapons and skills to eliminate your opponents to become the winner.

Ragdoll effect in this game

When your character is attacked, falls, or is affected by other physical forces, the ragdoll system will be activated. This means that the character's body will become flexible and react naturally to the impact factor. It creates entertainment in the game, helping players feel interesting and curious about what their next action will be.

Main features

Over 20 unique characters to choose from.

Many types of weapons and powerful power-ups.

Maps with many different terrains.

Single player and multiplayer modes.

The control

  • Player 1: W to jump left, E to jump right, R to use upgrades
  • Player 2: I to jump left, O to jump right, P to use upgrades

Frequently asked questions

  • How to unlock characters in Getaway Shootout?

Use the coins you earn in the game to unlock new characters.

  • What platforms can Getaway Shootout be played on?

The game is designed in an online version for players, so you can play with complete peace of mind on your computer or phone at any time you want.

Hope you will have fun and entertaining moments with Getaway Shootout!