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Solve intellectual puzzles in Fruita Swipe

Fruita Swipe is a fun game about fruits. Connect three or more identical fruits to form a match. Complete the challenges that each level requires.

Your task in this game is to connect the same fruits to create a match. The fruits must connect at least three or more. Creating a seam with many similar fruits soon completes the task.

Connect the fruits

In the game there are many different fruits such as strawberries, oranges, apples, ect. They are designed to be very pretty and lively with sparkling eyes. Connecting a fruit of three or more fruits completes a match. Focus on the fruits that each level requires to complete the mission. Complete the number of fruits in each level with few moves to quickly progress to higher levels.

As you do many different challenges, the challenges become more and more difficult, requiring you to collect more fruit with fewer moves. This requires you to have the right strategic thinking to complete the task.

Certain moves

For each level there are different moves. And you can only make the correct number of moves to complete the mission or else you will have to play again until you complete that level to move on to a higher level. Using less moves will help you get more stars. The fewer moves you make, the better it is for you.

Strategy game

This game is considered a strategy game, using thinking and choosing the right path to complete the mission early. The game is also very suitable for many different ages, not only for entertainment but also to help players improve their thinking. If you love strategy games, you should not miss this game as well as other games on our website such as 2048 Suika Game.