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Fruit Chef helps the chef perform fruit chopping skills for his customers to enjoy. Slash all the fruits, avoid slashing obstacles and only have three misses.

Use a knife to cut fruit

The fruits will be thrown into the air and you need to use a knife to cut those fruits into pieces. Especially use one slash when many fruits are thrown at the same time, this will help you double your score more than regular slashes.

Do not cut other objects

Some obstacles can hinder you in the process of cutting fruit such as teddy bears, shoes, bombs. If you accidentally cut them, you will stop the game immediately. As a talented chef using a knife, you should choose the right time to cut what needs to be cut and what should not be cut.

Maximum three misses

You only have a maximum of three misses to slash fruit. Try not to let any fruit escape your knife. Many times the fruits are thrown into the air, and you miss the opportunity to make a lot of points and don't want the challenge to fail, so put the knife and slash them at the bottom of the screen, where the flowers are. The fruit is falling. The longer you do the challenge, the more points you get.

Buy new items

Accumulated with many fruit cutting challenges, you will receive a certain amount of income. Use that money to exchange for a new item, a knife. Many different types of knives and experience them all so you can find your true love knife later.