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Friday Night Funkin' is a rhythm game where you engage in rap battles to win your girlfriend's heart and gain approval from her seasoned musician father.

Conquer the hearts of music lovers

Boyfriend is a guy who is passionate about music and wants to conquer the heart of Girlfriend - a beautiful girl with singing talent. He must confront other characters, usually Girlfriend's friends or other villains. By showing off his singing and dancing skills, Boyfriend tries to win the contest and conquer Girlfriend's heart.

The game has a story mode where you will have to win rap battles against various opponents over 7 weeks. Face off against Daddy Dearest, Skid and Pump, Pico and many other characters, try to defeat them without losing momentum!

To conquer all the challenges, you need to press the arrow keys at the right time to make the correct sounds and keep the rhythm through the songs. Story mode offers three difficulty levels, with the ultra-hard difficulty requiring perfect coordination. You can also practice in freeplay mode to improve your skills on individual songs. Conquering all the weeks will prove you are a winner in rap battles and a talented singer!

Challenge weeks

Week 1: Face off against Daddy Dearest in the songs Bopeebo, Fresh, and Dad Battle.

Week 2: Win over Skid and Pump in Spookeez and South.

Week 3: Battle Pico through the songs Pico, Philly, and Blammed.

Week 4: Face Mommy Must Murder in Satin Panties, High, and M.I.L.F.

Week 5: Defeat Red Snow in Cocoa, Eggnog, and Winter Horrorland.

Week 6: Win against Senpai in Senpai, Roses, and Thorns.

Week 7: Called Tankman, you will face off against John Captain in the tracks Ugh, Guns, and Stress in a restricted military area.

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