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Flappy Bird is a simple but extremely challenging game. Control a bird to fly through blue water pipes and try to go through as many water pipes as possible.

Challenge of flying through water pipes

This game is a single button game where you just need to press the screen to make the bird fly and avoid touching the water pipes. Each time you pass a water pipe, you will get one point. The game will end when the bird falls to the ground or hits the water pipe.

How to get the highest Flappy Bird score

To achieve the highest score possible, very few people can do this. Most players have some of the following disadvantages. Some common causes are: impatience, impatience, frustration, fear of facing challenges, playing to win, not paying attention to technical factors. These causes cause players to lose concentration, react slowly, and be unable to control the bird to fly up and down smoothly. To fix those problems, you need to pay attention to the following:

Calm and relax while playing

This is the most important thing for players to easily achieve higher scores. Having a comfortable mindset will help you have good luck during the game.

Be gentle and coordinated in each movement

Letting a bird fly is very normal, but to maintain it for a long time, there needs to be rhythm in each movement. Don't fly too high or too low, but always keep the moving bird in the middle of the screen.

Pay attention to the edges of the water pipes

The edge of the main water pipes is responsible for all the failures. Always have a certain distance between the two edges of the upper and lower water pipes so as not to touch them.

This game is a game that brings many emotions to players, from joy and excitement to anger and frustration. Join Flappy Bird today to challenge yourself and enjoy entertaining moments.