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Introduction to Egg Hunt Mania

Egg Hunt Mania takes you to a farm where you can collect many eggs. Then, you can sell these eggs and buy some upgrades in the shop. Let's have fun!

The farm has only 4 hens but they can produce many eggs for you. In this game, your target is to collect as many eggs as possible. The game will give you a basket. You need to move the basket to pick up the eggs which are falling. If these eggs reach the ground, they will be broken. With eye-catching graphics, this game takes you to a green farm where you can relax after a long day. Besides this game, you may like Growmi.

How to earn many coins in Egg Hunt Mania

In this game, the products from farms are sold to a shop. After finishing a work day, you'll use the coins to purchase some upgrades in the shop. The upgrade will help you work more idly.

Catch the eggs

You use the arrow keys to move the basket. The eggs roll from the hens' brood to the ground. You must ensure these eggs fall into your basket. Otherwise, these eggs are broken. The more eggs you bring to the shop, the more coins you can get. Of course, the time of a work day is limited. Therefore, try to catch as many eggs as possible. Moreover, you can even buy a new container with some blue eggs. The blue eggs rarely appear, so you need to catch them as soon as you see them.

Purchase upgrades

You can see some upgrades on the screen. Each of them can help you earn more coins. For example, you can use coins to increase the quantity of the basket in this game. From that, you can catch more eggs at once. You can explore more upgrades after playing this game.