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Egg Farm Merge Puzzle is a captivating puzzle game where the objective is to merge from three eggs and hatch eggs to create adorable farm animals.

The gameplay revolves around combining identical eggs to form a new egg of a higher value. As you merge eggs, they will hatch into delightful farm animals, such as chickens, ducks, pigs, and more.

Develop your farm

Sort the eggs

To create a flock of chickens, it is necessary to go through many stages of integration. From white egg has one dot, blue egg has two dots, green egg has three dots, purple egg has four dots, red egg has five dots, yellow egg, young chicken and big chickens. Combine three eggs of the same color and type to create an egg of greater value. Merge the eggs until a chicken is formed.

How to create animals

Merge three eggs of the same color and category to create an egg of a different color and larger category. Put the eggs in the basket into the empty boxes, maybe one or two eggs need to be put in the empty boxes. For two eggs, you can adjust them in the direction you want horizontally, vertically, or swap positions. Create the right strategy to successfully merge eggs without taking up too much space.

Control the egg

To play the game, you'll be presented with a grid filled with various eggs. You can swipe or drag the eggs in different directions to merge them. The goal is to keep merging eggs and progressing through the levels to unlock new animals and expand your farm.

Be cautious in your steps

As you advance, you'll encounter challenging puzzles that require strategic thinking and planning. It's important to consider your moves carefully and anticipate the outcomes to maximize your merging potential. The game provides a relaxing and enjoyable experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the charming world of egg hatching and farming animal creation.