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Draw Drive draws a path for the car to run. There is only one line to draw, maintain it and draw it in such a way that the car is not interrupted.

Draw a single line

True to the name of the game, you will draw a single line, without interruption. Cars only go on the road you draw, so draw to avoid water pipes and collect coins on the road. The challenge in the road drawing process is that you have to move smoothly so that the car does not get blocked or crash into pipes. There is no way to fix mistakes, so consider your actions carefully.

If the car falls off the screen or is blocked, the game will immediately end. The line is endless and has no stops, the farther you go, the higher your score. The game will collect the distance you have traveled, set a record for the longest distance you can achieve as well as try to surpass the achievements from the previous play to score points to create a new record.

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