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Dino Bros assumes the roles of brave dinosaurs who join forces to overcome challenges, defeat enemies, and save their dinosaur kingdom from impending danger.

Rescue the dinosaur kingdom

Rescue dino eggs

The dinosaur brothers must venture through various levels to rescue stolen or lost dino eggs. These eggs could be hidden in different parts of the level or guarded by enemies.

Defeat boss dinosaurs

Each level may feature a powerful boss dinosaur that the players must defeat. These boss battles can require strategic thinking and timing to overcome.

Protect the dino village

The dinosaur brothers must defend their village from invading enemies or natural disasters. This task could involve setting up defensive structures, repelling attacks, or rescuing trapped villagers.

Complete side quests

Optional side quests or missions can provide players with additional challenges or rewards. These quests could involve helping other creatures, retrieving lost items, or solving mysteries in the game world.

The strength of each dinosaur

Each dinosaur brother possesses unique abilities that contribute to the gameplay. For example, one brother may have incredible strength and the ability to break through obstacles, while the other may possess agility and the power to glide across large gaps. By utilizing their individual strengths and coordinating their actions, players can overcome various obstacles and enemies that stand in their way.