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× is both a playground and a battlefield for marine creatures. Embark on an exhilarating journey of survival, growth and domination.

A Watery World of Survival and Evolution in

Unleash your Inner Sea Creature

Begin your adventure as a humble small fish, but don't be deceived by your size. As you explore the ocean depths, your primary objective is to find sustainability in the form of food. With each morsel you consume, you gain valuable experience points that propel you towards evolution. The more experience you accumulate, the faster you transform into a new and more formidable creature. Your ultimate goal? To rise above others, claim the title of the greatest creature, and reign supreme.

Eat or Be Eaten

In the unforgiving realm of this game, the law of the sea prevails: eat or be eaten. Devouring other players not only grants you a substantial amount of experience but also establishes your dominance. Beware, though, as you are not the sole predator in this vast expanse. Seagulls, for instance, cannot stay underwater for extended periods but compensate with their ability to take flight. Engage in a relentless pursuit, consume as many opponents as possible, and strive to ascend the ranks of the leaderboards.

Easy Controls boasts straightforward controls that allow you to focus on the action-packed gameplay. With just a mouse, you can navigate your character through the depths.

The space bar provides a crucial boost, especially when you're chasing your prey or making a daring escape. Accessing and shutting down the chat, accessing the game menu, and toggling the chat visibility are just a few keystrokes away. The intuitive controls ensure a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

A Diverse Underwater Ecosystem

Survival in this game is not without its challenges. The ocean teems with a variety of creatures, including fishes, crabs, calamari, seals, dolphins, and even sharks. Each animal possesses unique strengths, characteristics, and abilities. To unlock their full potential, you must thoroughly understand the traits of every creature. Adaptation is key; learn to leverage your strengths and mitigate weaknesses to outmaneuver your rivals.