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Daddy Rabbit rescues the baby rabbits from zombies destroying the garden. Feed the baby rabbits before they scream to attract the zombies' attention.

This game features anime-themed visuals with adorable bunny characters and spooky zombies, creating an engaging and immersive atmosphere. The game incorporates tap-based combat mechanics, allowing players to control Daddy Rabbit's actions with ease. The thrilling narrative of the game serves as motivation for player progression.

Game controls

Control Daddy Rabbit to move in the tunnel using the arrow keys. Left click to throw carrots at zombies, making them unconscious.

Daddy Rabbit's main mission

Collect and save the baby bunnies

To accomplish this mission, you'll navigate through the farm and its surrounding areas, searching for baby rabbits that are scattered throughout. These baby rabbits may be hidden in different locations or require specific actions to rescue them. Explore the farm, interact with objects, solve puzzles, and complete challenges to locate and save the baby rabbits.

Avoid and fight zombies

The farm is infested with zombies, and you must be cautious to avoid them. Zombies will pose a constant threat as you move around the farm, and you may need to utilize your skills and available resources to navigate through their territories without being caught.

In some instances, you may also need to fight off zombies to protect yourself and the baby rabbits. Join the fight by using carrots to knock zombies unconscious, causing them to fall. Defeating zombies will not only ensure your safety but also contribute to creating a secure environment for the baby rabbits.