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Cut The Rope is a childhood spiritual dish for many players. The classic game with downloads on iOS and Android has appeared in an online version.

Cut The Rope game rules

Help the green frog eat candy

Om Nom is the main character in the game, an adorable green frog with an empty stomach and a desire to eat the giant candy far away from him. Help him eat the candy by bringing the candy to his mouth. The candy was obstructed by the ropes, and the frog couldn't do anything because he was too far away to use his flexible tongue to get it. Cut off the strings blocking the candy and put it in Om Nom's mouth.

Diversity challenges

This is a strategic puzzle game so you need to use all your mental abilities to get the candy to the frog. Don't drop the candy because it will make the frog cry. In the first challenges, you will easily overcome situations where the obstacle is a rope. The deeper you go into the game, the more difficult challenges you will experience such as bubbles, vacuum machines, ect. Rely on their physics principles to complete the challenge.

Online version

If you have experienced the original versions on platforms like iOS and Android, you are probably familiar with their challenges. However, realizing the inconvenience of players having to download or update capacity to add new parts, this creates difficulties because they cause your phone or phone to waste space, then the game will be released. pnline version, no need to download but still fully updated with all versions. It doesn't take up download space and you can still play anywhere as long as your device has internet.