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Welcome to the world of battling

Coach Fight is a fighting game where you attack an opponent by pressing the correct symbols on the screen. You may lose this game if you miss many symbols.

You are taken to the ring where you can only fight. This game offers a long route which provides different opponents on the way. Your final target is to become the best coach. That's the reason why you have to defeat other coaches. Of course, you will encounter more powerful coaches later. However, I also think that your skills are improving gradually. This game has retro graphics, so the fighting senecries aren't violent.

How to play Coach Fight

When you first start the game, you need to choose one of two characters, Rhi and Tim. Each character has 3 unique fun facts about them but their powers are all the same. So, you just need to choose the character you love.

Press the correct arrows

You will see colored arrows falling from the top. As soon as these colored arrows match the arrow pattern at the bottom of the screen, press the appropriate arrow keys. If the color arrow is the left arrow, press the left arrow on the keyboard. This is the only way to attack and reduce your opponent's HP. You can't miss too many arrows because the opponent is also attacking you. If a coach's health bar is depleted first, he will lose.

Pass a level

As mentioned, the main character's journey is divided into points where they must face opponents. As long as you defeat an opponent, you will pass that point or level. Besides this game, you can experience some other fun games like Flappy Dunk.