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Cafeteria plays the manager, responsible for running a bustling cafe. Meet the needs of hungry customers and ensure their dining experience is enjoyable.

How To Run A Coffee Shop in Cafeteria

You will have the opportunity to design, manage, and expand their own cafeteria from scratch. You'll start with a small space and limited resources, but as you progress, you can unlock new features, upgrade equipment, and expand the seating area to accommodate more customers.

Note To Customer Requests

The key to a thriving cafeteria is providing excellent customer service. You'll need to pay attention to the preferences and demands of your customers, ensure their orders are accurately prepared and delivered promptly. Happy customers will leave positive reviews and attract more patrons to your establishment.

Food Preparation and Menu

As a cafeteria manager, you'll have a wide variety of food options to offer. From appetizers to main courses, desserts, and beverages, you'll need to create a diverse menu to cater to different tastes and dietary preferences. Experiment with recipes, manage ingredient inventory, and ensure the quality and freshness of the food you serve.

Staff Management

To keep your cafeteria running smoothly, you'll need to hire and train a team of skilled staff members. From chefs and cooks to waiters and cashiers, each employee will play a vital role in the efficient operation of your cafeteria. Manage their schedules, monitor their performance, and provide training to improve their skills.

Decor and Ambience

Creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere is crucial to attract and retain customers. Customize the layout and aesthetics of your cafeteria, select furniture, decorations, and themes that reflect your vision. Create a warm and welcoming ambience that will make customers feel at home.

Financial Management

To ensure the profitability and sustainability of your cafeteria, you'll need to keep a close eye on your finances. Monitor expenses, set menu prices strategically, and manage inventory efficiently to maximize revenue. Invest in upgrades and new equipment to enhance productivity and attract more customers.

How to play

Use arrow keys to move directions. To perform the work, click on the location you want.