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Blumgi Dragon is a cute action game where you can become a variety battles of awesome dragons and participate in excitement in the arena against bomb enemies.

Defeat the bombs

You will play as a random dragon who can spit fire to defeat bomb enemies who are your nemesis. Shooting them down with your fire until not a single one appears is a successful challenge. You can shoot fire wherever you want because the fire ball you create is elastic with some objects. It can bounce back many times and create effects in destroying many opponents at the same time.

Shoot the fire ball at the correct position so that the bomb enemies are destroyed. Rely on objects as leverage to help you destroy enemies. If you never complete the challenge, reflect and rethink the correct strategy. Sometimes luck comes from the leverage of the fire ball where you don't have to create too much fire, just wait and see what the ball creates.

Change character interface

Every year the challenge will change to a different character. In this game, you will experience many different types of dragons with lovely interfaces. You can choose to change them or keep your favorite character. To unlock many different dragon characters, you need to go through many challenges to own them.

In addition, single-player and two-player features are created for you to choose from. Invite more friends to join the game with these adorable characters. At the same time, experience random, secret characters waiting for you to discover.