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Bad Ice Cream revolves around the adventures of fun ice creams, together overcoming challenges of collecting fruit and avoiding enemies in a colorful world.

The adventure of walking ice cream cones

Collect fruit

Play as an adorable ice cream cone whose mission is to collect fruit in a maze full of enemies and obstacles. Bad Ice Cream's special feature is the ability to create or destroy ice walls to create pathways or block enemies. Each level will have its own challenges, from collecting fruit within a time limit to avoiding lurking monsters.

Enemies to avoid


Explosive bombs appear in levels and move in random directions. If your ice cream collides with a bomb, it will be destroyed and you will have to start over. Therefore, you need to avoid them and find a way to go through the level safely.

Frost monsters

Frost monsters have frozen brains, and don't stop when you block their path. These enemies will try to prevent you from collecting fruit and completing the maze. Players need to skillfully use the ability to create or destroy ice walls to avoid and trap these monsters.

Game control

  • Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move your character in the maze.
  • Use the Space key or F key to create or break ice walls, helping you collect fruit or avoid enemies.

Highlights of Bad Ice Cream

  • Simple yet challenging classic platformer gameplay
  • Two game modes: one player and two players
  • Colorful world and uniquely designed levels
  • Cute 2D pixelated graphics and fun sounds
  • Suitable for all ages